Argentina became the world champion by making Messi ‘ordinary’

He has been considered as ‘Special One’ since his debut in the Argentina national team. No, Jose Morinio’s Takmata was not given to him, how important Lionel Messi was in the Argentina national squad.

Messi’s shoulder was pressed on the burden of expectations because of Amit’s talent. He could not meet the expectations of the 2006 and 2010 World Cup. The 2014 World Cup finalized. Then expectations have increased.

Since the main star of the team, Messi feels that Argentina will make the world champion alone – some have even hoped. But in Brazil, the World Cup was not fulfilled. Four years later, the World Cup in Russia also remains in the World Cup.

Argentina finally spotted the World Cup in Qatar in December last year. That Messi -Di Mariarai won Argentina. Messi won the ‘Golden Ball’ by scoring 5 goals and scoring 5 goals.

The question may arise, what is the difference then? Messi, who could not be the main star of the team in the previous four World Cups, made Argentina the champion at the age of 4!

The answer is Argentina defensive midfielder Lindro Parades. Argentine media told TYC Sports that everyone’s view was changed to Messi in the squad. He was always focused on Argentina’s attack, Messi was the center of the game – as the chief star and Argentina’s ‘Poster Boy’.

Pardez said Messi was removed from the ‘poster’ of Argentina. That is, Messi has received the status of ten ordinary players of the national team. It has reduced the pressure of expectations, Maceio has been able to play in the mood of the mind. This is the meaning of the words of Pardedes.

“We removed him from the center of everything, like all other ordinary players,” Paradees told TYC Sports. In this he was able to easily mix. This is the main reason for the team coordination is good. This is the most important thing in our team. That is why we have some important success. Everyone beyond the qualifications of the player is also extraordinary as human beings. ‘

Argentina defeated France in the Qatar World Cup final on December 5. Messi confirmed the victory after Gonzalo Mantiel targets for the Latin American team.

After the victory was confirmed, Messi sat down on his knees and then Parades hugged him. He remembered the moment, “What a good fortune!” We shouted to him we are champions. He thanked us all, “Love.”

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